Highways UK 2020 Starts in

4/5 November 2020, NEC, Birmingham

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Jacobs Theatre

Turning the big thinking into opportunity

Wednesday 6 November


Session 1 Strategic Road Network



Highways England's progress and priorities 

Jim O'Sullivan; chief executive, Highways England


Perspectives on meeting RIS 1 objectives and priorities for RIS 2

Anthony Smith, chief executive, Transport Focus

John Larkinson, interim chief executive, ORR


The road ahead; how Highways England's Digital Roads vision will help us deliver a safer, more efficient road network

Elliot Shaw, executive director, strategy and planning, Highways England


Panel: Jim O'Sullivan, Anthony Smith, John Larkinson, Elliot Shaw


Session 2 Sub-national Transport Bodies

11:45 - 12:45

Climate change and the Major Road Network: supporting sustainable economic growth

The Major Road Network is a newly recognised layer of roads with a national funding pot worth £3.5 billion. England's seven Sub-national Transport Bodies have worked with local authorities from across their regions to submit schemes to government that can be delivered between 2020 and 2025. Join transport chiefs from the North, the Midlands, the South East and England's Economic Heartland for insight into what's worked well, what they might look at changing next time around, and what happens next.

Rupert Clubb, Lead Officer, Transport for the South East 

Barry White, Chief Executive, Transport for the North 

Maria Machancoses, Director, Midlands Connect

Martin Tugwell, Programme Director, England's Economic Heartland

Steve Gooding, Director, RAC Foundation


Session 3 Future Perspectives


Keynote: Scotland's trunk road priorities

Roy Brannen, Chief Executive, Transport Scotland


Beyond 2020 vision

A new decade beckons... leading commentators from across the infrastructure and mobility sector offer a series of focused observations on the major opportunities and priorities, while assessing the main blockers and enablers

The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030

Daniel Ruiz, Chief Executive, Zenzic

Data as a key to improving efficiency, safety and the passenger experience

Alastair McMahon, Data and Insights Director, O2

How to make sense of the future in an uncertain and fast-changing world

Elizabeth de Jong, Director of UK Policy, Freight Transport Association

An institution's perspective

Andrew Hugill, Director of Policy and Technical Affairs, CIHT


Session 4 More than getting from A-B



The role of roads in achieving sustainable and resilient transport

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals give us a 'blueprint' for a future where everyone is able to enjoy quality of life, and how we live is back in balance with what the planet can provide. This session will focus on the critical role transport has to play, and why the future of transport infrastructure is not about individual modes but better access, mobility and connectivity outcomes for all. 

Dr Juliet Mian, Infrastructure Resilience Specialist, Arup, and Technical Director for the Resilience Shift


The challenge of beautiful roads

The road to good design set out Highways England's design vision with the aspiration that, as well as being safe, efficient and affordable, roads should also be beautiful. Hear from Highways England's design panel and other supporters helping to take forward this aspiration.

Mike Wilson, Chief Highway Engineer and Chair of the Strategic Design Panel, Highways England

Cat Drew, Chief Design Officer, Design Council

Martin Knight, Founder, Knight Architects 

John Lyall, Chair, Highways England Design Review Panel


Thursday 7 November


Session 5 Local roads



A strategic future for local authority roads

Darryl Eyers, President, ADEPT


Progress towards a Highways Sector Deal

Over the past three months, the highways industry has been exploring the potential benefits of a specific Highways Sector Deal with the supply chain and key stakeholders. The sector continues to be be-set by challenges when it comes to planning, developing and delivering investment and the Highways Sector Deal presents an exciting opportunity to address that. Hear how we're looking to shape together a Highways Sector Deal that is innovative, deliverable and benefits UK Plc.

Anna Delvecchio, Rail Sector Deal co lead, Amey

Neil Gibson, Immediate Past President, ADEPT

Martin Tugwell, President, CIHT


A new sector response to climate change

We are in a climate catastrophe and when it comes to roads management and maintenance, past events are no longer a reliable predictor of the future. How do local authorities re-skill their teams to better respond to the greater weather extremes that are becoming the new normal?

John Lamb, Immediate Past President, LGTAG


Panel: what is the opportunity from breaking the orthodoxy and overcoming the barriers and challenges that to date have limited reform of the local highway network?



Session 6 Road to zero


De-bunking the myths and other misunderstandings surrounding the roll-out of infrastructure to support the electric vehicle revolution

Phillip New, CEO, Energy Systems Catapult

Laura Rainey, Senior Project Manager - EVs, National Grid

Vicky Edmonds, joint Head OLEV, DfT

David Hytch, head of innovation and strategy, Franklin Energy

Ross Fairley, Partner, Burges Salmon


Session 7 New thinking in urban mobility


Perspectives on how UK cities are tackling air quality, congestion, the transition to a low carbon economy and access to housing and opportunity while better connecting places, communities and opportunities

Transitioning to a low carbon mobility future

Alistair Hunter, director, Arup

Rethinking the use of urban road space in a return to people-centred, connected places and communities

Kate Kenny, Growth Director for London and Cities, Jacobs

Carlo Castelli, Head of Cities Solutions, Jacobs

Cardiff's EV transition

Jason Dixon, Operational Manager of Transport Development and Network Management, Cardiff Council

Tom Morgan, Client Development Director Arcadis



Highways England schools trail briefing



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