Highways UK 2020 Starts in

4/5 November 2020, NEC, Birmingham

Strategic Highways

The Highways England Stand and Highways England Theatre are the places for all things to do with the Strategic Road Network. Visit the theatre for high-level briefings from Highways England's senior commercial, technology, strategy and management teams.

Highways England Theatre

Wednesday 6 November


Digitising our Design Standards; preparing for a digital future.

Highways England is nearing completion of modernising the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB). This presentation will describe the new digitised system and the future direction for how this will support developments in technology and prepare for a digital roads future.

Paul Doney, Director of Innovation and Continuous Improvement, Highways England


How Highways England is preparing for connected and automated vehicles

Outlining our portfolio of connected and autonomous vehicle trials and the learning we're gaining from them, informing our digital roads vision.

Jo White, Head of Intelligent Transport Systems, Highways England


60mph in roadworks; the customer impact

Highways England is working with its suppliers to explore how a 60mph limit through roadworks can improve the driver experience. Early uses have been encouraging and provide lessons for both Highways England and suppliers to enable 60mph across more projects in future.

Meg Archer-Downing, Major Projects Customer Service Director, Highways England


Engaging with HE - launch of CECA's supplier's guide

Introducing CECA's new online toolkit for civil engineering contractors, their supply chain and consultants interested in opportunities to work on Highways England contracts

Alasdair Reisner, Chief Executive, CECA


The new Asset Delivery model and how we'll be investing in highway renewal and capital maintenance

Damien Morris, Programme Manager, Operations, Highways England


One year into the Regional Delivery Partnerships model - tips for the supply chain on working with Highways England

Highways England is using Regional Delivery Partnerships to achieve a step change in delivery in the highways sector. By integrating with our supply chain we will improve project safety, delivery predictability and cost efficiency.

David Haimes, Regional Investment Programme Director, Major Projects, Highways England


Concrete Roads

Craig Bedson, Head of Service Design Services, Highways England


Winter Fleet management

Gary Webb, Head of Service Delivery, Operations, Highways England

Thursday 7 November


Skills for a digital future

Developing the right skills to unlock capacity and fully benefit from new digital tools as we design, build and operate our road network.

David O'Neill, Head of Supply Chain, Highways England

10.30 -11.00

Welcome and engaging with careers advisors

Welcoming to Highways UK, careers advisors from pre employment organisations, schools/college careers advisors and those who work for organisations that support diverse or disadvantaged groups to access employment opportunities. The session will advise them of the career opportunities available in our sector and how we want to engage diverse groups.

Malcom Dare, Divisional Director, Strategy and Planning, Highways England

Mel Clarke, Customer Service Director, Operations, Highways England


Making roadworks work better for our customers

At Highways England, we're transforming our approach to roadworks. Central to this is understanding our customers' needs and planning and delivering our roadworks in ways that meet their expectations.  Join us to learn more about the tools we've developed to help our industry deliver better roadworks experiences for our customers.

David McCann, Head of Roadworks and Customer Innovation (Major Projects), Highways England

Nicola Waite, Communications and Engagement Manager, Highways England


Delivering inclusive and accessible customer experiences

We are delivering the largest investment in our road network in a generation. We must do this in a way that is inclusive for those who travel on our roads, live near them, maintain them and keep them flowing. Join us to learn more about inclusivity in road construction, and how we're making sure the services that help our customers use our roads are accessible to all.

Mel Clarke, Customer Service Director, Operations, Highways England

Julian Horsler, Equality and Diversity Manager, Operations, Highways England


LEAN - Driving efficiencies and innovation

Highways England have achieved over £250 million of Lean efficiencies in roads period 1. How did we do this, what issues did we face and how are we preparing for the future.

Sharon Banks, Head of Lean, Highways England


RIS3 - setting the agenda for the future, and discussing priorities in coming 12 months

In RP2 Highways England will be delivering its programme of enhancements, operations, renewals and maintenance. We will also be looking ahead to the improvements and activities required in Road Period 3. This session is to discuss how we will shape our plans for 2025 and beyond.

Adam Simmons, Director, Strategy and Planning, Highways England


IT applications and information management 

Vicky Williams, Head of Information Management, Highways England


A14 - Applying Innovation in complex project delivery 

Chris Taylor (CIP Director) and David Bray (A14 Project Director), Highways England

14.30 - 15.50 Schools discovery trail


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